Bisp Program New Update 25 April 2024

Bisp Program New Update 25 April 2024

If you are going to share the new update, finally the government has announced to give two installments for all of you, in which you can also get Rs. 21500 from tomorrow,

If they have not been able to get it, how can they get this amount, not only for the shortfall of 10500 rupees,

 How can you check this payment under 8171?

 The latest news of this time is that the government is giving an amount of 21500 rupees to the beneficiaries of Benazir Kafalat Baram.

 Is this payment up to the retailer?

 Still, groups of up-retailers or campsites set up by the government in various government schools or some offices allocated by the government can also receive this payment from there, but in some places, people are stopping campsites due to device shutdown,


the government has warned them that now payments should be made from the campsite not only children’s allowances have also come in it not only these people Those who are being bailed out have also done their dynamic survey and they have been receiving payments before,

 They are getting or they are being checked or they were having some finger problem so that is why they are getting extra payment then it is not like that at all but some women are being paid by the government. This amount has been transferred to their account.

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Portal of 8171

On checking them on the portal of 8171, getting this message that your ID card is valid for sponsorship if you have not received the amount of Rs. Receive your money within four days at the nearest payment center and not only they are informed that you have also been registered,

 in the dynamic registry, so now their hassle of surveying is over as they have The survey has also been dropped because on June 30, which has been set by the government, they have now qualified and they are being fed two installments by the government, one of their own,

payment and a child benefit payment which has been incurred by them Total two amounts have been transferred to the accounts of such women.


 If you have not received your money yet

So you can check your case on the portal of 8171. Where is the video, you can also check your case on the portal of 8171.


 In this article, you have been informed about the new update regarding the BISP program, which is also called the Benazir Income Support Program,

York also goes, it also keeps growing. Also, if you have any questions or want to know something, then you can comment. Thank you for reading the post.

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