Ramadan | Ramzan Ration Program Complete Guide 2024 

Nigahban Ramadan Ration Program

Assalam Alaikum viewers, the blessed month of Ramadan has come and today is the 27th. Almost 16 days have passed. Let me tell you that Maryam Nawaz has become the Chief Minister of Punjab. 

Name of the programNighaban Ramadan Ration Program
Age LimitNO Age Limit
Monthly income limit60000/60 thousand
due dateUntil the last fast of Ramadan
Ramzan Ration Program info

Congratulations Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif came down to the bazaar streets and started helping her people and asking whether they needed anything or not, and what is the price of vegetables and fruits in the market. 

that the present Chief Minister of Pakistan has started the Nighaban Ramadan ration program in Ramadan Mubarak and ever since he announced this program, the people of Punjab have been very happy

with this program, I want to tell you How you can participate in this program and How to get the ration Completed will be informed so read this article till the end if you want to know how to get the ration.

Who is Nighaban Ramzan Ration Program for and who are eligible?

Let me tell you, dear leaders, the government has said that this ration will be given to those people who are eligible for it, whose monthly income is less than 60 thousand rupees, and who do not have any money from outside. 

People are eligible for this. The government has collected a large number of information from NADRA and applied different filters on this information, such as those who have low income and do not have money from outside. 

The list has been prepared and this ration has been distributed on the ID cards of random people. Now here, no one person can take this ration, not every person can take it. 

There was a government school about two kilometers from us, and the government officials came there and they were checking the identity card. 

Scan the QR code given at the back and you can find out whether the ration is there on your ID card or not. I verified the identity card myself, there was no ratio in my name, 

then I researched who it is in the name of, and whether it is still being received or not. 

They belong to the poor class, that is, those whose salary is less than 60 thousand rupees. This ration is being distributed to these people. 

Is the ration being distributed in the whole of Pakistan? 

or only in the Punjab region, then let us know that this ration is being distributed only in the Punjab region, so if you belong to Punjab, then you are happy. If you have luck

How to Apply for the Ramzan Ration Program

Dear readers, let me tell you that it is not possible to apply for the Ramadan Nighaban Ration Program, there is no procedure to apply for it, as I have told you earlier that the government has collected a list from NADRA 

This list has been prepared by applying a filter, and what is randomly distributed in the name of people or Rashid, so you cannot apply for it and you can only check what is there with your identity card. 

If there is a ration in the name of the government officials will give you the ration at the doorstep of your house.

How to Check Nighaban Ramadan Ration Program Eligibility

For this, you should go to your nearest Patwari office or find the nearest government school where the government officers are checking if you do not find the government school, then go to the Patwari.

 They have this mobile app which means the government has also given them the authority that the Patwari can also check, so you should take your ID card with you and the QR code on the back of the ID card 

will be scanned. So, within a few seconds, you can find out what your capabilities are

What rations are available in the Ramadan ration program and how much?

See Maryam Nawaz Sharif, who is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, has launched a news on ARY News in which she has asked a woman if she has received a ration. 

Maryam Nawaz asked the second question, what have you got in the ration, she said that all the goods that are in two kilos are like two kilos of gram flour, two kilos of sugar, two kilos.

 Ghee and approximately 10 kg of flour sack, so two by two kg are the things, just 10 kg of flour, so this ration is arranged by the government.

What is the limit on how many people can get a ration?

The government has officially issued an advertisement in which it is written that these 6.5 lakh people will benefit from it, i.e. patient log people will be able to get ration only within Punjab which is about its total value.

 which is about 12 billion rupees, a budget of 12 billion rupees has been kept, at first it was 7.5 billion, but it was increased to 12 billion rupees, which was done by the government, as soon as the people heard this Once again happiness reflected on his appearance

Can a person take a ration more than once?

Let me tell you that this ration is given after verifying the identity card, and ration on the identity card is given to you. So that person can get ration only once.

 If there are seven people in your household, then out of the seven people, if the ration has been issued in the name of two people, i.e. on his identity card, two of your people will get ration separately.

 Two sacks will be given, i.e.total two sacks is fine. In this way, the person in whose name it is issued, even if it is not the same family or the same house, will get it if what is on the identity card is the ratio.

Where can the Nighban Ramadan ration be obtained?

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has announced that the government has prepared a separate team that will go door to door and check the ration at the doorstep of the person in whose name the ration has been issued.

There is no need to panic if the ration is issued in your name, then you will be given a token and whatever is in your house, whatever is on your doorstep will be given.

Will this ration program continue even after Ramadan?

So Dear Leaders as it is named Nighaban Ramadan Ration Program it means it is limited to Ramadan only this program is introduced only for Ramadan 

it will stop after Ramadan means those who want to get it, should get their identity card verified and checked within this month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Ration Program Official Government Mobile App Introduced

Here, an official app of the Official Guardian Ramadan Ration Program has been introduced. Now there is confusion in people’s minds. Let me clear it up. This is my duty. 

In the opinion of this app, we can also check whether our identity card or someone else’s identity card has come or not. The purpose of this app is to check whether the identity card This app is made to chck whether 

there is a ration on the card or not, that is, this app is made to check the eligibility of the ration. Now the point here is that everyone can use this app by downloading it from the Xplay store. 

The answer is yes, absolutely not. This app can only be used by government officers. When you download this app, it asks for login, so that login is only available to those officers. 

Which is registered with the government, because there is no register option at all in this app, only the login option is there, so only the officers can check the ration eligibility by logging in. 

I am leaving the link to the app below which is the official app, you can check it if you want to check it out,

Conclusion of the article

Dear leaders, in this article, I have informed you about all the information related to the Ramadan Ration Program, how you can register for it, how you can get this ration, which is the name of this program, Nighaban Ramadan Ration Program.

 And after doing all the research I have answered all the questions you had, I hope you will like this information very much and you will be aware of all the questions and you will know Done, how to get this ratio and if you have any more questions or queries, you can comment below. 

Thank you very much for your valuable comment. It is a pleasure to help you and of course, if you are happy and your purpose has been fulfilled to read this article then we are also very happy. Our goal is to fulfill the purpose of dear leaders. Thank you very much.


How can I register for Ehsaas ration program?

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has announced that no person in Pakistan can register himself for the ration program.

It is the government itself that has decided who should give ration to that person, that is, there is no official registration procedure. There is no registration for the ration program

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